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We Are Still Here  |  Too often, Native American history is treated as a finished chapter instead of an ongoing story. This companion book to Traci Sorell and Frané Lessac's award-winning We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga offers readers everything they never learned in school about Native American people's past, present, and future.

We Laugh Alike: Juntos Nos Reímos  |  Three kids are playing at the park when three more arrive. The groups can't understand each other because one trio speaks only English and the other only Spanish. Can they find a way to play? ¡Sí, se pueden! Con sonrisas, los amigos learn that they are more alike than different. With music, laughter, a jump rope, and an open mind, no necesitan palabras. This playground adventure from celebrated author Carmen T. Bernier-Grand is propelled by cleverly integrated Spanish and English dialogue.

Shhh! The Baby's Asleep  |  The baby is finally asleep. But everyone is much too noisy! As each member of this close-knit intergenerational household gets the shush, they join the crusade for domestic peace and quiet. And just when they think they can rest—oh no. The baby's awake. One savvy little narrator knows just the way to make his baby sister fall back asleep: by reading her a good book! A hilarious cast of characters will keep readers laughing through this warm-hearted celebration of family.

Ten Animals in Antarctica  |  Dive into the coolest counting book ever!  This is no empty frozen snowscape. It's time to meet ten land and sea animals that live in Antarctica! From sailing leopard seals to haunting icefish, young readers will love discovering the many unique animals of our chilliest continent in this beautiful, lyrical counting book.

Ten Beautiful Things | Lily doesn't want to go live in Iowa with her Gran. Iowa is a long car ride away, and Lily feels terrible, all empty inside. Even Gran's favorite car game—name ten beautiful things—is useless. There's nothing beautiful in the April slush and cloudy sky. But beauty is hiding where Lily least expects it: the smell of spring mud, a cloud shaped like a swan, a dilapidated barn. After a furious rainstorm, Lily discovers the tenth and most beautiful thing of all: Gran and their love for each other. This heartfelt journey through the heartland captures the struggle to navigate change and loss, and the comfort found in mindful attention to the present.

Seaside Stroll | This beautifully crafted jewel of a story follows a girl and her mom as they bundle up for a wintertime stroll on the beach. Snow and sand go together perfectly in a narrative where every word begins with the letter "s"; when the girl drops her doll in a tide pool, what else can it do but sink? A hasty rescue leaves everyone soaked but saved, ready for a nice warm bath, dinner, and sleep. Opportunities abound for young readers to discover grammar and visual storytelling, as well as the year-round ecosystem of the shoreline. Perfect for beach enthusiasts no matter the time of year, for word nerds no matter the weather, and for parents and kids in love with everything about the outdoors.

A Thousand White Butterflies | Isabella is a little more nervous than usual about starting school this year. She's just come to the US from Colombia with her Mama and Abuela. Papa is still waiting for permission to join them. How can she make new friends when everyone speaks a different language and does things so differently? And to top it all off, there's snow on the first day of school—so much snow that they cancel school altogether! Will the storm keep Isabella from starting her new life, or will she find a perfect first day of friendship in the snow?

The Froggies Do Not Want to Sleep | It's bedtime for little froggies everywhere.But they simply do not want to sleep. Why go to bed when you can play the accordion, dance underwater ballet, and hold burping contests with strange alien lifeforms? For every kid who ever came up with an outlandish excuse for why it can't be bedtime yet, these froggies' antics will delight and entertain.

D-39 | The second US civil war is going from bad to worse, but on her dad's farm out in the middle of nowhere, twelve-year-old Klynt Tovis is having the most boring summer of her life.It's all bunkers and HAM radios and restoring artifacts for her Museum of Fond Memories. She's overjoyed when an incredible antique shows up at the farm: a D-39 robodog, invented to replace the old plague-carrying pet species which was exterminated by the government. When the war reaches the farm, she and D-39 are thrown into an epic journey for survival and hope.A heartwarming dystopic novel-in-verse perfect for fans ofSara Pennypacker's Pax.

Boston Made | Since the 1600s, Boston has been a birthplace of world-changing innovations—public education, abolition, the first organ transplant, the telephone. Pioneering advances in everything from rockets to robotics. It all happened here. The question is, why Boston? What makes this city special? Through fifty engaging spotlight stories Dr. Robert Krim and tech journalist Alan Earls break down the building blocks, or “innovation drivers,” that have made Boston a powerhouse of invention and brought it back time and again from four major economic collapses. From boom to decline and back to boom, Boston has maintained an ability to reinvent itself. As the national and global economy reels from the pandemic, Boston Made lays out a roadmap through adversity for a dynamic, world-class city.

The Call of Kilimanjaro | After his brother-in-law Chris passed away, Jeff decided to take the trip of a lifetime, both in honor of Chris and in pursuit of clarity about his own life and goals. The Call of Kilimanjaro is a day-by-day record of Belanger's ascent to the peak of Africa's highest mountain. By turns contemplative and irreverent, joyful and thoughtful, boyish and wise, this is a book for all ages and a powerfully spiritual memoir for armchair travelers. Belanger teaches us to take stock of our accomplishments, eye the lofty goals we've placed in front of ourselves, and push higher than we've ever dared, turning an honest eye toward past, present, and future, through the end of life and beyond.

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