All published material by Charlesbridge Publishing is protected under copyright law.

Please send requests for permission to reprint text and/or illustrations from any of our books to:

Amelia Brown (

For remote events and read-alouds during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Thanks so much for your support of Charlesbridge titles—we want to do everything we can to support you, too, during this unprecedented time. While we cannot give permission for videos to be posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other public platform, we would love to have you record a read-aloud for any of our books and post it on a closed platform (ex. A Zoom meeting, a password-protected classroom site).

Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Please fill out this form just to let us know about your read-aloud. We will respond with a brief email approving the use, or an explanation of why the use does not fit within what Charlesbridge can allow at this time.
  2. At the beginning of your video, please read the author’s name, the illustrator’s name, and say that you are reading “with permission from Charlesbridge Publishing”
  3. Please delete your video within 30 days of making it available
  4. These readings are allowed for remote educational programming only. This process does not grant permission for any commercial use (commercial uses include Outschool or similar platforms)

For commercial, non read-aloud, or any other types of permissions requests please email and include as much information as is relevant and/or possible, including but not limited to:

  • Requested title(s)
  • Specific text or image selection
  • Description of use
  • Length of term needed
  • Formats involved (e.g. print, audio, electronic)
  • Territory needed (e.g. US, Canada, World, etc.)
  • For commercial uses, please list the retail price of your proposed product
  • Print run/estimated user numbers

Please reach out to the following contacts for questions relating to specific kinds of permissions:

Audio rights: Meg Quinn (

Book Clubs: Meg Quinn (

Performance rights: Mary Ann Sabia (

Translation & Foreign rights: Mary Ann Sabia (

Permissions: Amelia Brown (

Other rights requests: Amelia Brown (

Phone: (617) 926-2509
Fax: (617) 926-5720 

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