Megan Halsey has always loved drawing and making things. Her father, an artist and teacher, took her to museums on her birthdays to see great works of art. As a child, Megan took piano lessons but rather than practice, she colored in the sheet music! To this day she loves to color and cannot play the piano.

Megan's love of books was nurtured by her schoolteacher Grandma who gave her books as gifts. As a child, she was frequently caught late at night, under her covers, with a book and flashlight!

Megan began studying art in eighth grade, continued through high school, and became a printmaking and illustration major in college. After graduation, she studied art in New York City. When she took a children's book illustration class she knew, right away, she wanted to be a children's book illustrator. She went on to study at Marywood University where she earned a Masters degree in studio art and illustration.

Now an award-winning artist celebrating 18 years in the business of illustrating books for children, Megan has illustrated over 40 books, including several of which she also authored. As a professional artist, she combines her love of art and making things with her love of books.

Her work has received numerous honors including two Oppenheim Toy Newsletter Gold Awards and a gold award from NAPPA (National Parenting Publication Awards).

A former Pratt Institute professor, Megan now teaches in the graduate program at Marywood University, in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Megan lives in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. Visit Megan online.

Books by Megan Halsey