Heather Linn Miller, author

Heather Lynn Miller has been busy working on her writing career for the past several years. Her background in education led her to begin writing books while she played the role of stay-at-home-mom with her two daughters, Jordan and Madeline. Heather began sending educational ideas to her favorite magazine, Mailbox, a teaching tool that she often turned to for inspiration in her own classroom. The magazine accepted many of her ideas and even flew her to North Carolina where they trained her specifically for work on a series of science curriculum books. This type of work led Heather to writing her own books in the educational market. After sending resumes and writing samples all over the country, Heather landed several writing assignments with companies like Heinemann Books and KidHaven Books. While she enjoyed writing on assignment, Heather longed to break into the world of picture books, which would allow for more creative freedom in her writing. The odds of breaking into the trade market played against her, but Heather was determined to give it a shot.

Heather wrote book after book after book as her daughters napped and played in the next room. Most of the manuscripts Heather penned were utter disasters and only a few of them were sent out into the world where they ended up in "slush piles" at various publishing companies. Most of those manuscripts were rejected. Some of them were rejected politely, which means she received a few handwritten notes of encouragement from the editors who read them. Those few encouraging words prompted Heather to keep writing. After years of working through rejection after rejection, Heather received the email she always wanted: an editor was interested in purchasing her work! Since that first email, Heather has sold two other manuscripts that were released as picture books.

Heather lives with her husband and two daughters in Auburn, Indiana.

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